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The word CHUMAIO originated from a Russian word, СНИМАЮ, which is pronounced snee-my-you.  The word, when placed in front of film, translates as I shoot film.  For it to work as a production name in English, I decided to simply replace the cyrillic letters with their English counterparts.  Sounded out, the word now exists verbally as Chum-Aye-Oh.  The reason behind the word, and its somewhat convoluted background, mainly has to do with my studies in College.  While there, I double majored in Russian studies  and Film studies; I watched a lot of international films, with many of them being Russian.  I like the idea of combining two different perspectives and ideas, making sure to borrow from the old as well as to create something new.  I try to be as original as I can in both art and work.


Zach Keifer (Age 24)

My interest in film production started back in 2002 as a junior in High school at Woodward Academy in College Park, Ga.  While there, I entered into a video production class that gave me access to a camera and some editing equipment, while also giving me the complete freedom to create whatever I wanted.  A few mockumentaries later and I was hooked.

In 2003, I enrolled at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.  During my 4 years there, I got involved with everything that could possibly relate to video production.  I joined the t.v. station and created three episodes of a variety show known as “The Couch,” I started a video production club that I ran from 2004-2007, I worked as an A/V techie for the University Center, and I also worked as a Media Consultant at the Swem media Center. My senior year I was a teaching assistant for the Video production class, and also organized and ran the College’s film festival for that year.  I double majored in Russian studies and Film Studies, producing two different films done completely in Russian dialogue with English subtitles.

During my time in College and after, I became heavily involved in competitive filmmaking.  I have participated in four 24 Hour, two 48 hour, and two 72 hour filmmaking competitions, and have won an assortment of awards.

I currently live in between Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia hiring myself out as a freelance videographer and editor.  I also busy myself with my own creative projects, producing short films on a monthly basis.  I hope to write, shoot, and edit as much as I can, practicing the art to hopefully one day make it as a successfull independent filmmaker.

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