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Current Freelance Work

August 10, 2009

So up until now, all of my posts have been strictly my own personal creative projects.  But I figure it is time to share some of my hired work, as it is the only thing that legitimizes my so-called  “career decisions.”  (Biggest one being the decision to major in Film studies in College)

First off, I would like to start with my work at the non-profit organization, The Second Road.  This was an organization that created an online social network for people who are in recovery from drug addiction.  My job title could easily have been “the video guy” as I was given a big ol’ 1 Terabyte hard drive filled with several multi-camera recorded interviews of people discussing both  their life’s struggle with and recovery from drug addiction.  All together, I probably edited around 60 3-5 minuted videos, which you can view on the videos page .  (I edited all the ones with an image at the beginning)  Unfortunately, I no longer edit new interviews for them. Due to the current rough economic situation, that leaves non-profit organizations hard pressed for donations.  However, I still do maintain their youtube account, and I hope anyone reading this will support them by subscribing.  I have learned so much about addiction and how it affects people and their families.  My heart truly goes out to those individuals able to turn their lives around, and who continually fight to stay in recovery.  This job taught me a lot of things, and I am grateful for it.

As I moved away from The Second Road, I have been able to secure a few consistent freelance videography/editing jobs.  Through my connection to the local film company Pillage and Plunder Pictures, I got tossed a flower arranging show gig.  I met with a man named Tony, who turned out to be a retired producer of commercials, and who even went to NYU film school with Martin Scorcese.  His wife Anne happens to be an incredibly talented flower arranger, so I have been working closely with them to shoot and edit about 30 2-5 minute videos.  They are currently putting together a website, so I will post more when everything gets launched.

Anne Vanderwarker shows off a beautiful underwater flower arrangement.

Anne Vanderwarker shows off a beautiful underwater flower arrangement.

Through the flower show job, I was also able to get hired to produce Energy Efficiency videos for the Piedmont Environmental Council or PEC.  They were in the process of launching an initiative directed at homeowners and showing them “do it yourself” ways to improve efficiency around the home.  I shot and edited 12 different videos for them to be playable on their new website that they will be launching soon.  Below is a sample video:

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