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July 17, 2009

I’ve been pretty bad about posting, but this is me trying to get back in it.

Some time ago, I came across an amazing youtube page known as POYKPAC.  Please, go there, learn about the awesomeness yourself, and then take a nap from hilarity exhaustion.  Anyway, I dropped a few comments on the page, and one of the members of the group visited my own youtube channel.  He saw that I liked to edit, and then contacted me about possibly doing some editing work for the group.  I said yes, and then after a few additional emails, a package containing three mini dv tapes showed up in my mailbox.  I then had the pleasure of editing together a wonderful video of a performance by an insanely entertaining performer known as Reggie Watts.  Again, go there, get so madly entertained that you have to get surgery to get your jaw closed, and then take a nap because you are doped up from the surgery.

Now check out the video I edited:  Reggie Watts Live @ POYKPAC HQ

Plenty more to post about, but not until next week.  I am doing the 48 Hour film project in Richmond, Va this weekend! More to come on that laters.  Cheers,


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  1. July 17, 2009 2:56 pm

    I watched the first few minutes of it, looks great! I’ll watch the rest when I’m not at work… The 48-hour project sounds like a challenge… lucky you you’ve scored a great partner!

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