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First Demo Reel

April 16, 2009

So, I finally made my first demo reel, as part of an attempt to make myself more marketable. By this summer, I am hoping to relocate and start a videography company in Richmond…but you know, covering Va in general. Granted, the demo reel is a bit long, and only showcases my experimental/creative film making talents; I felt for the first reel I would just have fun with it. I didn’t want to get caught up with worrying too much about the professional end, plus I am guessing that I am still a bit light in that respect. Anyways, enjoy this music video (set to the tune of MGMT – Kids) and look for a more professional reel in 2009.

Another first, is for my friend Gordon Stillman who will be having his very first photo show at the Crittenden Studio in Richmond. I am hoping to go check it out, as well as bring my Sony HVR to record this grand event. Just a short little vid to test out my professional credibility, as well as make something for my friend to enjoy…we’ll see how it goes. It is good to practice at events like these, with no pressure to make a product for a customer.

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