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Film Stuff for Christmas

April 16, 2009

This Christmas I was able to gain some film equipment. I met my friend Ben, in Lynchburg of all places, and borrowed from him a pink and shag carpeted dolly.

Yes, this dolly has got some sex appeal, that goes way beyond functionality

Now, it would probably be good for me to build my own, perhaps even one a bit smaller, perhaps a bit lighter, but I got history with this dolly. Ben built it while we were in college, and it was even used by a fellow filmmaker/friend to make Night of the Living P.I. (The film involved shooting in an abandoned mental hospital (yes, it was that fricken sweet) but unfortunately, the film seems to be stuck in post indefinitely).

The dolly even came with the iron track, though its condition is a bit questionable. I may attempt to switch to pvc pipe; however, I am worried the weight may be too much. I also got a hold of another NOTLPI relic, an “all pipe” steadicam, which looks quite badass.

The issue with equipment like this is whether I cannot turn the hassle into value. But I am staying positive, and hey, gotta start somewhere.

Another amazing thing that I got this Christmas was Istopmotion. My sister got me it, and I am extremely excited. I mentored a 2 week Animation workshop at Lighthouse Studios in Charlottesville, and it really got me into the art of Stopmotion. My group’s film can be seen below.

Of course, I still need to purchase some modeling clay. But I managed to make a movie with my Uncle and my cousin while they were visiting over the holidays. Marshmellows are incredible to work with for stopmotion I discovered.

So, that is my New Year’s update. All I need to get now is Aftereffects, Photoshop, a drawing tablet, computer speakers, crane, lenses, light kit, xlr cable and boom, green screen…

(Originally posted on January 6th, 2009)

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